Meet Andrew Woods

Andrew has dedicated himself to the world of boxing, fitness, and healthcare through instructing, educating, and inspiring communities for over 10 years. He started his formal boxing training in the city of Watts, California at the Broadway Boxing Gym as a (ABA) American Boxing Association coach while continuing his education in World History & Kinesiology at Cal Polytechnic University Pomona. Andrew’s achievements also include training amateur fighters as a certified USA Boxing Coach and as a group fitness boxing instructor at the Equinox Fitness Clubs in South Bay, Newport Beach, Westwood, Downtown LA, and Century City. He is also a well respected speaker & educator for the greater Los Angeles public schools, churches, recreation centers, and community colleges.

Our Programs

Boxing has shaped the world of fitness for elite athletes, entertainers, seniors, as well as business professionals. If you’re looking for a serious change of pace and/or desire a complete body transformation, we have a program for you.

Private Boxing Training

Our beginning and advanced boxing sessions incorporates the sweet science of defense, offense, reflex, speed, mental fortitude, bag work, focus mitts, and the full experience of being a boxer.

Strength and Conditioning

From plyometrics to cardiovascular training, this program focuses on developing muscle maturity, creating maximum oxygen output for the lungs while teaching the body to compliment its mechanics instead of conflicting them. Using tools such as resistance bands, medicine balls and a balanced free weight system, this program helps keep strain off the lower back, lumbar spine, and joints.


A series of static exercises and isometric movements will facilitate better technique during exercise and a healthier posture. We will address the clients "Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar" spine to better compliment the overall strength of the core.

Speed and Agility

Designed to help achieve full ROM (range of motion) and coordination skills, this is the "ABC's" of body mechanics. Speed and agility isn't just about how fast or how stylish it looks getting it done, rather its about the timing and proper technique in which it is addressed. Speed roping skills, resistance training, calisthenics and an array of anaerobic and aerobic drills will help achieve the desired performance you are looking for.

The Organic Stretch

30 minutes of dynamic' and static stretching while emphasizing deep breathing techniques. This session helps free the body of years of tension, lack of flexibility and ROM (range of motion) by relaxing the muscles and incorporating more oxygen to the joints and fibers.

Group Fitness

Learn the foundation of boxing with focus mitts, heavy bags, double end bags and an array of boxing exercises, with our group boxing classes.

Discover Your True Potential

Woods Boxing and Training Wheels Health Care brings elite boxing services and a total holistic approach to health direct to you. We were created to help enrich the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of every community through education, fitness, boxing, nutrition & wellness. We as the human family have a responsibility to uplift & encourage one another, while uprooting the many things that hinder us from achieving success. Our job is to help you continue your fight towards victory over life's challenges. Our members come in all different physical shapes, ages, ethnicities & educational backgrounds; regardless of those differences we are all here to support & expound on the beauty you were you already created in.

Hour of Power

Let your light shine